Who we are.

We are a collaborative group of creatives who work together to make great media. We've worked on staff for brands, for agencies and for in-house production departments. We understand the challenges marketers and advertisers face in the "do more with less" attitude of today.

Our number one goal is to be considered a valued resource and a true production partner with each of our clients.


Creative Director, Producer & Editor


Director of Photography


Graphics & Animation


Producer & Camera Op


Great ideas kick off every project and it's always our number one goal to tell the best story. We work with our clients to develop new ideas and concepts or take an existing creative plan and execute every detail to bring it to life.


Capturing your story can involve an extensive team or a small crew. We offer several in-house solutions including a Sony FS7 4K camera and Prime Cine lenses for amazing results. We've directed seasoned actors, professional athletes, corporate executives, and everyday consumers all with the goal of recording an authentic message for your product or brand.

Post Production

Editing is the primary means of content creation these days. We work with footage that we've shot to take a project to completion by adding music, motion graphics, and animation. A production might head straight to the edit room utilizing stock footage, screen recordings and a powerful voice over to showcase a new mobile app or website. Our editing portfolio includes advertising, short films as well as corporate marketing and training videos

Live Streaming

We have been creating videos since the early 1990’s and produced our first livestream in 2007. A successful broadcast draws from both creative and technical experience. It’s critical to be able to communicate with the Event Producer, Director, IT Manager and all camera and audio personnel. If there is an issue it’s the streaming producer’s job to find the answer…and fast. It’s rare for us to work with a client for only a single project and we’re proud of the fact that our partners view us as an invaluable resource for their events.

How we work.

1 We need to find out your goals and objectives for the project. There are a lot of ways to tell a story and we’re looking for the best one. We also look for opportunities to add value with content that might be useful for social media or other marketing channels.

2 Once we agree on a budget and the delivery deadlines for your project we can build out a production schedule, develop a script and/or interview questions, agree on any talent or location requirements and assemble the film crew.

3 Build the best story. Here we collaborate through several review sessions, either online or in person. You’ll never hear us say “you’re allowed three rounds of revisions” which is common at some production shops. A project is marked ‘Final’ once you’re convinced we’ve created the best story that’s on point with the objectives and goals from where we started.

It's Time to Find Your Story.